Burning River Brass
"The players varied the sound and delivery of each piece as suited the music and the mood, making for a lively program entirely lacking in dull spots: a great idea for an audience that’s showed up expecting some fun.

Which they got. The playing was crisp, tight, harmonious, and, well, really brassy. Burning River is clearly an ensemble that enjoys its work. Its easy, punchy delivery, which seems unforced and effortless, could only have turned out that way with a significant amount of practice and great attention to detail. . . this Christmas Concert was about as good as it gets."
- The Washington Times
"Burning River Brass is sophisticated and talented. But music should be enjoyable as well as serious. These 12 musicians had such fun that the evening was a delight from start to finish."
- Anchorage Daily News
“It was one of those performances where you smile from the sound of the first note and you only feel badly when you hear the last number and you realize that it has to end.”
— The Charleston (WV) Gazette
“That joy of performing brilliantly connected with the audience. This was perhaps the best Bright Star Season event so far this season. It was pure Sunday afternoon delight.”
— La Crosse Tribune
“From Byrd’s Renaissance dance, ornamental and stately, to the spark and dazzle of ‘Guinevere’s Rescue and Battle with the Red Dragon,’ from ‘Cinematic Brass,’ Burning River Brass was brilliant, forceful and very big in its Daytona Beach debut.”
— Daytona Beach News-Journal
“Following a lengthy ovation, the Burning River Brass responded with an encore by Chico Navarro that turned out to be the perfect after dinner mint. I suspect we’ll be hearing much more from this group as their special brand of music-making finds its way into other concert halls across the country.”
— The Oklahoman
“Burning River Brass is an astounding ensemble. Every player is first rate. The ensemble sound is stunning. The intonation is exact. The rhythmic execution is perfect. They blend beautifully into a virtuosic unity.”
—The Horn Call
“As in its first two recordings, this fine Cleveland-based brass choir plays with taste, precision, and blend while revealing no weaknesses.”
—American Record Guide
“Burning River Brass’s concert last night was absolutely stupendous! I could not have been happier. They are really the best brass ensemble I have encountered and everyone just had a blast.”
— Clemson University
“Theirs is a level of musicianship that excels in sheer virtuosic beauty of ensemble playing...Hands down the winning ensemble of our current season.”
— Florida Southern College Festival of Fine Arts
“Burning River Brass not only brought in the crowd - a sold-out house - but also sent them home, I believe, with a newfound love of brass. The ensemble was brilliant. After amusing introductions, each piece by these gifted artists showed the power and intricacy of brass in a program that moved from the accessible to challenging. All of it was crowd-pleasing.”
— Bradford Creative & Performing Arts
“What a wonderful group of musicians! They are personable, talented, and were a genuine pleasure to spend time with during their visit. I received a plethora of comments about how outstanding their performance was, and our music faculty was especially impressed.”
— Hope College
“I just wanted to let you know how exhilarating the Burning River Brass concert was for all of us at the Freeport Community Concert Association. We represent audience members from a wide region in Nassau County. Judging by the long line at intermission and after the concert to purchase CDs, I think it would be safe to say ‘they were a smash.’”
— Freeport Community Concert Association